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Chemistry LinX Online   

Vamsi Krishna


Basic Reactions in Organic Chemistry - Interactive

Modelling Basic Organic Reactions by VRML 2.0 Techniques.

Playing the VRML 2.0 files requires COSMOPLAYER


The Chemistry Site 

Olympiad Papers in this site

Tutorials, Organic Chemistry, Practice Tests, Online Quizzes, Chemistry Olympiad, Reference Tools.


IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry

The Official IUPAC page containing complete nomenclature of Organic Compounds. Even has a search facility.


National High School Chemistry Examination of Canada

Previous Papers of Canadian National Olympiad


U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Archive


Virtual Chemistry Experiments and Exercises

Some of the virtual chemistry experiments and exercises employ java applets. 


US National Chemistry Olympiad Examinations


Digital texts for Chemistry Instruction

A selective, annotated collection of Web links to digital and online text materials for Chemistry.


ChemTeam : A Tutorial for High School Chemistry


ACS Education - US High School Chemistry Olympiad


Chemistry Olympiad of the Baltic States


Construct a Lewis Structure

Java applet to construct Lewis dot structure of molecules.


Delights of Chemistry

Chemistry Demonstrations performed in Leeds